We are currently utilizing two methods of digital dictation.
  • Portable, Hand-held, Digital Recorders
  • Phone-in Service
Digital Recorders are an easy way to ensure that our clients are able to dictate anytime, anywhere. Each day's dictation is uploaded to a designated office computer, after which your support staff can upload to your own password protected server space, located in our office.

Our Phone-in Service adds a component of simplicity by eliminating the need for your support staff to upload. Once transcribed, your work will simply be waiting for you, 24 hours a day, on your own secured server space.

We take quality and security very seriously. Unlike other transcription companies, we do not send your dictation into a "work pool" to be grabbed by just anyone. We assign your work to one or two specific transcriptionists who are already familiar with your medical practice and dictation style. All of your work is transcribed verbatim to ensure that your flavor of dictating is maintained.

The digital voice files you create when dictating are transported to and from our office using 128 bit encryption, to a firewall protected, password protected server. Each client, as well as each transcriptionist, has strictly controlled access to only their designated space on our server. Our office follows HIPAA guidelines.